Vermiculite- Gardening Product

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VERMICULITE-Growing Medium

This product is exfoliated vermiculite.

vermiculite stands as a valuable asset in horticulture, contributing to the creation of optimal growing environments, improved water management, and enhanced nutrient availability for plants.Vermiculite fosters optimal root development, leading to healthier, stronger plants.Our Vermiculite is suitable for a wide range of horticultural applications, from potted plants and seedlings to vegetable gardens and landscaping projects.

Physical Properties
•  Colour : Golden brown
•  Bulk density: 140 – 180 kgs per cu. m.
•  Size grading: 2 mm – 0.150 mm
•  PH: Neutral

•  SiO2: 40%
•  Al2O3: 18%
•  FeO3: 11%
•  K2O: 5%
•  MgO: 13%
•  Na2O: 1%
•  P2O5: Traces
•  C4O3: Traces
•  MgO4: Traces
•  Asbestos: Free

•  Propagation media for mist chamber
•  Horticultural application

Packing: Available packed in PP bags of 10 kgs net weight

Vermiculite- The Best Plant Product

In the realm of plant products, vermiculite emerges as an unsung hero, offering unparalleled benefits that cater to the diverse needs of gardeners and cultivators. This lightweight, mineral-rich material proves to be the best companion for your plants, elevating the growth journey of every seedling.vermiculite emerges as the best plant product, offering a perfect blend of moisture retention, aeration, and nutrient support. Elevate your gardening journey and witness the transformative impact of vermiculite on your plants – where every seedling is nurtured to reach its full potential.Vermiculite is rarely used alone as a potting mix. Instead, it's typically mixed with other components like peat moss, compost, or coir to create a well-balanced growing medium

Key Benefits Of Using Vermiculite in Gardening

Vermiculite is a natural mineral that is often used in gardening due to its beneficial properties. Here are some of the key benefits of using vermiculite in gardening:

  • Improves Soil Aeration:
  • Vermiculite helps to create spaces within the soil, allowing air to circulate around plant roots. This improved aeration enhances root growth and overall plant health.

  • Enhances Water Retention:
  • Vermiculite can absorb and retain moisture, making it available to plant roots over time. This is especially beneficial in sandy soils or areas with irregular watering.

  • Promotes Seed Germination:
  • Due to its ability to retain moisture and create a light, airy soil environment, vermiculite is ideal for seed starting. It provides a consistent moisture level that helps seeds to germinate more reliably.